Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness in early childhood


Are there other kinds of support (besides those offered at the Kita) available for children with high ability?

Overall, there is a wide selection of available recreational and developmental activities for young children. Thus, the possibility principally exists for children of this age to explore a variety of activities to help them identify and pursue their special interests (e.g., in music and sports). Specific programs and activities targeting young children with high abilities are, however, rare. Some communities may provide so-called children’s academies or other courses for young children. Many museums, theaters, and concert halls also offer programs and activities for Kita children.

The most important general consideration, however, is whether or not the child actually wants to participate in any additional activities after spending the day at the Kita. The child must be actively involved in this decision. Certainly, the length of time spent at the Kita each day also plays a role in determining whether or not further activities should be planned for the child. Too many activities —even well-intentioned ones— can overwhelm children or even hinder them from finding out where their own specific interests lie.

Decisions for participation in extra activities outside the setting of early childhood education should also be guided by the principles of individualized support, which takes the child’s interests and needs into account.


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