Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness in early childhood


Do gifted children require special programs and activities?

The most important requirement for supporting children with high ability is already met if their enthusiasm for learning has not been discouraged. When educators consistently apply the principles of individualized support with all children, they learn to articulate their learning needs and they are helped to become increasingly self-reflective and self-directed in their learning. This is an important basis for an in-depth involvement with topics and interests, which is characteristic of gifted children.

Given that high-ability children often seek more advanced learning opportunities (compared to their peers), it is essential that educators remain open to exploring new learning experiences as well as the children’s own ideas. Furthermore, certain methods accommodate children’s high motivation to deepen their knowledge such as project work, as well as exploring real-life topics and authentic issues or places (e.g., visiting museums or working with artists). Such activities, however, do not have to be offered exclusively to gifted children. In principle, all children attending the Kita can benefit from the specific interests of an individual child.


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