Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness in early childhood


Is it necessary to have specific spaces and equipment for providing individualized support for gifted children?

Fostering giftedness in the Kita setting must be guided by the principles of individualized support. Thus, the requirements in terms of space and equipment should be in line with these principles: The interior layout should provide opportunities to encourage each child to learn in many different ways and to support them in pursuing their own specific interests and also to encourage them to learn independently. Gifted children particularly benefit from this kind of room design due to their strong drive for self-regulated learning. Early childhood educators, by the same token, need adequate space to work with children in small groups but also to work one-on-one with a specific child. In many early childhood education centers, spaces that are structured according to a specific focus, e.g., experiential learning areas or thematically oriented rooms, have proven to be valuable.

It is not necessary to purchase specific resources and supplies or to introduce specialized activities for “very clever children” except in direct response to the actual interests or specific abilities of one or more children. It makes more sense to respond to the current interests of the children and to involve them in making decisions about which materials, games, etc. are to be purchased.


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