Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness in early childhood


What are the questions and issues motivating parents to seek guidance?

Many questions arise for parents when their child displays signs of giftedness. Research indicates that parents primarily would like to know if their child is indeed gifted and where they can go to have their child tested. They are also interested in learning more about how their child can be encouraged or supported adequately, and whether the support their child receives in the Kita setting and at home is sufficient. Parents also seek advice on specific concerns they have about their child, such as parenting issues, aggressive behavior, or psychosomatic symptoms.

Parents are often initially unsettled by their child’s presumed or confirmed giftedness. They may encounter critical questions in their immediate social environment. They must not only come to terms with the idea of giftedness and their own impressions of gifted people, but also with the preconceptions of others. They ask themselves how they can best provide support for their child without overwhelming him or her. The child’s strong desire for cognitive stimulation can also lead to parental exhaustion, especially if there is more than one (highly) gifted child in the family. All of these concerns may motivate parents to seek professional counseling.

It is important that parents find someone to talk to who will answer their questions about giftedness in a compassionate manner and with profound expertise. Only in this way can parents express their concerns and ask questions in an atmosphere of trust. Particularly for preschool children, providing informative counseling to parents is often all that is needed in the beginning, unless there are specific problems that have prompted them to seek advice. These problems may require professional psychological counseling.


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