Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness in early childhood


Which characteristics/traits indicate the presence of giftedness?

The extent to which young children possess the potential for high achievement can be observed above all in their extreme curiosity, desire to explore, focused search for information and, at the same time, ability to grasp new information quickly. Since most preschool-age children explore their environment with interest, observations of the extent, depth, and quality of children’s engagement with new content are of primary importance: Gifted children show a profound and ongoing interest in learning along with an ability to grasp things very quickly, a high capacity for learning, an exceptional memory, and the ability to acquire new skills quickly.

They often also show a high level of effort and perseverance as they try to acquire knowledge or new skills. From a developmental perspective, specific, focused interests tend to be rare in preschool-age children. An early, strong interest in a specific area on the part of a child can, by its very nature, point to a high aptitude in that area.


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