Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness in early childhood


Why do gifted children avoid certain Kita activities?

There are many different reasons why a child may avoid certain activities. Educators will need to determine whether a child is avoiding an activity because of his or her high ability, or whether there are other underlying reasons for this. They should begin by observing the child and taking an interest in his or her point of view. Practical responses can then be derived from the information that is gathered. Possible explanations include boredom and inadequate stimulation, but can also be due to other reasons outside of the Kita setting. It is equally possible that a child only ever wants to be in one specific room because he or she has a special affinity for the person in charge there - or avoids a room altogether for the opposite reason. Other possible reasons are conflicts with other children or simply a lack of a suitable partner to play with. High-ability children are also sometimes prone to perfectionism. Sometimes children will refuse to participate in an activity if they think they cannot do it completely or if they cannot do it very well. In such cases, it is important to approach the situation in a sensitive and open manner and to find out what underlying concerns are motivating the child.


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