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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness

The Karg Foundation receives a lot of questions on the subject of giftedness—FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)—far more often indeed than it did ten years ago. And this is a good thing! Many people involved in the educational processes of children have come to realize that giftedness can also be a fundamental personality trait of children and adolescents.

The Karg Foundation wants to answer the questions you may have not only as educational and psychological professionals in educational institutions or working as educational providers, policy makers, or in training and further education institutes, but as parents and gifted people also: What is giftedness? How can it be identified? Who can provide advise for gifted children and their families? How can they be supported in the best possible way?

We hope that reading these FAQs is both enjoyable and informative for you.

Booklet as PDF

The authors Franzis Preckel, Miriam Vock and Christine Koop have developed a questionnaire for this purpose, enabling an initial orientation within this complex theme. The translation comes from Lisa Trierweiler, a qualified psychologist at the Leibniz Institute for Psychology in Trier.