Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness


When is early school enrollment appropriate?

The question of early school enrollment also arises when a child tackles school entry learning content at an early age. Spending another year in the Kita can be excruciatingly boring for some children and can stifle their enthusiasm for learning. Yet not all children who are deeply interested in school subjects at an early age have to start school earlier. For early enrollment, the child’s social situation must also be taken into account: Can the child be enrolled in school at the same time as his or her friends? Is the child ready to cope with the social and behavioral demands of school? And last but not least: Does the child want to start school early? Professional educators and psychologists provide support during the information-seeking and decision-making processes. When early school enrollment is planned, it is recommended to integrate the child into the group of preschool children at the Kita as soon as possible. Research has indicated that early enrollment generally works well when it is well-prepared and the child demonstrates adequate intellectual ability.


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