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This abbreviation is used to refer to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It denotes a neurobiological disorder that is characterized by a dysfunction in attention and concentration, excessive impulsivity and, in some cases, severe agitation (hyperactivity).

Approximately two to five percent of all children and young people are affected by ADHD, although the disorder has been diagnosed up to four times more frequently for boys than for girls.

ADHD does not preclude the possibility of intellectual giftedness and can occur jointly with it in certain rare cases. Such children are referred to as being “twice exceptional” (or “2e”). Since one of the symptoms might be obscured by the other, it is important that a professional psychological diagnostic assessment is carried out.

The authors Nicole Miceli and Anne-Kathrin Stiller have developed this glossary together with the Fachportal Team. The glossary was translated by Daniel Shatwell and edited by Lisa Trierweiler.