Online Glossary Letter C


Glossary-Items: Letter C


Checklists may be used for observational purposes in a diagnostic context. They occasionally include examples of traits and patterns of behavior in gifted children but only ever function here as ways of narrowing the focus of observation rather than as instruments for providing direct evidence of giftedness, which would require an educational or psychological assessment of a child.



Learning and developmental processes can be supplemented by coaching. Coaching for gifted children or adolescents aims to expand their potential and develop their expertise and excellence in performance.


Cross-grade learning

It is possible for children and adolescents from different grades/year-groups to learn together in one group (in German: “jahrgangsübergreifender Unterricht”). This gives them the opportunity to work on learning material at their own pace without having to change classes.



The term co-construction means the social interaction between children and adults in forming a learning community.



Competitions provide interested students the opportunity to delve deeper into a project or subject area. This is particularly interesting for children and adolescents with higher cognitive abilities.