Online Glossary Letter E


Glossary-Items: Letter E

Equality of opportunity

Equality of opportunity in the education system exists when all children and adolescents are supported in accordance with their interests, needs, and levels of development as well as their abilities. This should occur regardless of their socioeconomic and social background, their learning background, their gender, their culture, or their religion.



Enrichment is the generic term for tasks or projects in Kitas or schools that provide in-depth learning activities for gifted, highly gifted, and particularly high-achieving children and students. This allows them to go more deeply into the subject matter of their areas of interest.



Expertise refers to particularly comprehensive knowledge and unique problem-solving skills in a certain area that a person has acquired as the result of many years of intensive and systematic practice. Expertise enables children and adolescents to perform on above-average levels and to develop their talents. Expertise can also exist in one unique area of ability.


Early service learning

“Early service learning” (in German: “Frühes Service Learning”), which could also be described as “learning and helping others”, is a method used in early education where children actively gain knowledge and then share their learning experiences and knowledge with other children or other people so that everyone profits from it.


Early learning diagnostic assessment

Early learning diagnostic assessment is a form of educational assessment that is applied during early childhood. It aims to assess a child’s level of development and learning processes and thus recognize the child’s abilities. It provides the basis for successful cooperation with the child and a way of drawing conclusions for organizing the child’s learning processes and giving them individualized support.


Educational assessment

Educational assessment in Kitas and schools aims to recognize a child’s talents thereby initiating an individual measure that provides the best possible support for the child. Educational assessment is based on techniques of observation that focus on dialogue and on the strengths of a child.


Early school enrollment

Early school enrollment (in German: “vorzeitige Einschulung”) is an accelerated learning measure. It involves children starting their education —as a result of being more advanced developmentally—before they reach compulsory schooling age in Germany. This might be due to their high cognitive ability.