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Glossary-Items: Letter M

Models of giftedness

Models of giftedness are used to describe important aspects of giftedness. They aim to specify observable indicators for the phenomenon of giftedness that otherwise is difficult to observe in a person. Some models also specify the factors or processes that are involved as high ability emerges as a result of giftedness.



Children who can understand and speak more than one language are referred to as “multilingual”. This includes, for example, children who do not learn German as a first language and/or grow up in Germany bilingually.



Mentors can be assigned—as a measure for fostering giftedness and gifted students—to accompany children and adolescents over a longer period of time and support them in their development.



A person’s motivation refers to their willingness to act in order to achieve a desired end result. A highly motivated person is willing to tackle something thoroughly and persistently. There are various facets associated with motivation such as emotions, interests, or goal orientation.