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Glossary-Items: Letter P


Participation means that children are entitled to being involved. This involvement affects all areas of their own lives as they grow up. Participation is a child’s right and this was specified in Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Person-centered approach

Support for gifted people that is person-centered involves a holistic view of the child (adolescent) as a person. This perspective regards children and adolescents as organizers of their own learning and educational processes.



A portfolio comprises, as a rule, a collection of pictures, documentation of learning progress, or academic performance records that have been selected by the child or adolescent. Educators or teachers may give them advice as they select work for their portfolios. The work selected should reflect the students’ interests and their development as well as what they have accomplished.



The term potential refers to the capabilities and opportunities that children and adolescents have for realizing (high-level) achievements in a certain area.


Professional educational attitude

An attitude is an individualized set of more or less stable values and outlooks in a person which have an effect on their decision-making behavior. A professional educational attitude is apparent, for example, when the interests of everyone involved are taken into account when making educational decisions.


Project work

Project work is a method used in (early) learning that allows all children to be individually supported in one group together even when they are from different institutions and age groups.


Psychological assessment

Suspected giftedness in a person is not assessed in one particular standardized way but rather depending on the issue in question: Apart from identifying giftedness, assessment might also, for instance, be used to investigate a person’s social behavior, their motivation to learn, or specific ways of providing them with support. When psychological assessment is conducted to determine giftedness, it often involves the use of intelligence tests.