Online Glossary



Participation means that children are entitled to being involved. This involvement affects all areas of their own lives as they grow up. Participation is a child’s right and this was specified in Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Notions of how participation should be implemented, however, can differ a lot, with differences between Kitas and schools already apparent. Participation is made possible by preparing information for children in such a way that they can understand it. Their opinions must be heard, and children should be encouraged to take part in educational processes, for instance. In this way, children have to be enabled to become involved in the organization of their own education—a process which plays a crucial role in the development of their talents.

The authors Nicole Miceli and Anne-Kathrin Stiller have developed this glossary together with the Fachportal Team. The glossary was translated by Daniel Shatwell and edited by Lisa Trierweiler.