Online Glossary


Professional educational attitude

An attitude is an individualized set of more or less stable values and outlooks in a person which have an effect on their decision-making behavior. A professional educational attitude is apparent, for example, when the interests of everyone involved are taken into account when making educational decisions.

This requires an authentic sense of self in a person together with a good capacity to reflect, high-level decision-making and personal skills as well as sensitivity to the interests of everyone involved in the specific situation.

A person with an attitude that is supportive of giftedness focuses on the abilities and resources of the people involved. This attitude is a basic guiding principle of discovering, showing, using, and fostering individual strengths and talents—in Kita and school settings as well as in counseling contexts—to provide support for personality development and thus goes beyond the mere use of assessment tools and methods for fostering children’s abilities. It cannot be imposed by other people, but rather has to be authentically integrated into a person’s self in line with other attitudes, values, and personal convictions. This process can be encouraged, for instance, by educational and training programs.

The authors Nicole Miceli and Anne-Kathrin Stiller have developed this glossary together with the Fachportal Team. The glossary was translated by Daniel Shatwell and edited by Lisa Trierweiler.