Online Glossary


Underrepresented groups

Certain groups of children and adolescents have always been underrepresented in the promotion of the gifted. These include girls, children from migrant families as well as children who are confronted by challenging socioeconomic circumstances, disabilities, twice exceptionality, or other barriers to accessing education.

Prejudices (bias) and stereotypical attributions by educators in Kitas, teachers, parents, and other significant individuals lead to giftedness in children from underrepresented groups being less frequently suspected, recognized, and less likely to receive support even if giftedness is confirmed. If a child encounters prejudice due to several existing or supposed characteristics (e.g., due to their background and a disability), then they may experience multiple discrimination.

The authors Nicole Miceli and Anne-Kathrin Stiller have developed this glossary together with the Fachportal Team. The glossary was translated by Daniel Shatwell and edited by Lisa Trierweiler.