Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness in early childhood


Can developmental questionnaires be used to identify gifted children?

Many developmental screening instruments used by Kitas to assess children’s developmental status were specifically developed to identify children with significant developmental delays or risks. As a result, these instruments become increasingly inadequate to discriminate in the upper proficiency ranges even though they discriminate very well in the lower ranges. When a child successfully completes all the tasks and meets all developmental milestones typical for his or her age group, this accomplishment does not necessarily indicate an exceptionally high ability level; rather, this is an indication of the child’s “completely normal” age-appropriate development. Such instruments are generally unsuitable for identifying high ability with certainty. However, results that are clearly above average can be considered a good reason to closely observe whether a child’s development is stimulated or challenged by the pedagogical activities offered by the Kita and whether further assessment (e.g., intelligence tests) is indicated.


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