Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness in early childhood


Who is qualified to perform an intelligence assessment?

Diagnostic testing should only be carried out by psychologists or other qualified professionals (e.g., psychotherapists, special education teachers) who have the necessary skills to analyze and interpret the results: Knowing how to calculate the overall score of a test is not enough. The person in charge of testing must also be able to interpret the result profiles and evaluate the significance of the results according to the test’s underlying scientific quality criteria. Test results should not be interpreted only in terms of the specific diagnostic question, they must also be clearly explained to and provided in writing to the person seeking advice. Furthermore, the test results must be compared to other diagnostic findings (e.g., observations made in the Kita or in the family setting). Providing guidance on appropriate steps to be taken in light of the specific questions addressed by testing should also be part of the interpretation and evaluation of psychological testing.


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