Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about giftedness


High aptitude and giftedness–what do these terms mean?

In general, the term “aptitude” refers to a person’s achievement-related development potential. If this potential is particularly high, it is referred to as giftedness. Thus, aptitude and giftedness must be clearly distinguished from achievement; they in fact represent the potential from which, under favorable conditions, exceptional achievement can develop.

Developing one’s own potential is a basic human need. This is a lifelong process and depends on a variety of different factors. Apart from the actual person, these are primarily characteristics of the environment in which the person lives. What opportunities are available? Do people receive support and encouragement? And what is expected of them? Giftedness needs to be encouraged and challenged, it may only become apparent at a later stage, and may even decline at some point. The family, Kita, and school are important environments for children. They strongly influence how gifted children develop.


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